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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well. I called the Post Office.

....And they said I need to get the packaging from Michelle, and fill out a claims form to send to them with the packaging attached. So, Lorna, can you please send my address to Michelle, so she can send the packaging back to me. Thanks. So basically, they want proof of what happened, so they can deny everything, as the post office nearly ALWAYS does. And Yes, I am still annoyed at them. The woman on the phone didn't help their case either - she was rude as anything!
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Make sure you keep copies of everything you send them - photos of the packaging - everything. They aren't adverse to losing their own mail. Or not answering claims.

  2. Also make sure to speak to supervisors do not talk to anyone less. Supervisors have more of a duty- and if they do not help you keep going up the chain of command until someone listens.

  3. Hi Lucy

    I went to the sorting office today and have to say they were helpful and looked around for me, even took my number and said they would call which they did but sadly it wasn't there. May have been damaged before it arrived at the sorting office so it may not even have been there to start with.

    I will post you the packaging back no problem - sorry to hear they weren't at all helpful to you. Its so annoying. I am gutted.

    Take care Michelle x


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