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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Since my exchange didn't make it....

....I'll post a picture of it. Luckily I remembered to take one before I sent it off. I can't believe this has happened, and the post office will be getting such a mouthful of me in the morning. I am actually completely gutted, and crying as I type this, so frgive any spelling mistakes.
The design itself was a blackwork, my first ever blackwork, and therefore special (in my opinion), which took me a fair while to do, because it was something new. Sorry about the bad qaulity, I couldn't get it to work without the flash blinding it out, so it's a little dark.

The fabric in the picture below is the rest of the hand tie dyed fabric that I did myself for the backing. My first time tie dying, too.

All in the Orange theme, for Michelle too.
The postcard that there was only half of, I unfortunately don't have a picture of, but it's one from WH Smiths, with a funny camel on it. On an Orange Background. And I bought an orange pen PURELY for writing that postcard too.

I'm so annoyed with the royal mail. And I won't stop until I get refunded for EVERY element of that exchange. That means the fabric, the dye, the thread, the aida, the ribbon AND the postage!

Keep on Stitching.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Lucy

    Sorry don't know what happened to the original post - I posted it, then my PC crashed so wasn't sure it published it, then when I went back in it said it had been removed by the author?

    Anyway, Oh Lucy - I am even more upset now - your exchange to me looked lovely. I am so so sorry that this has happened. I can see all the work you put into it and all the little extras you went to to make it special. Please don't be upset these things happen. One of the pins was sticking out of the jiffy bag, I wonder if the pins had perhaps caught in the royal mail machinery and tore it. I will go into Lichfield tomorrow to the sorting office as now I have a picture of what it looked like, I can see if they would mind having a look round to see if its lying around somewhere. Much love Michelle

  3. I'll ring them tomorrow too, and find out whats going in. The pins were all secured in, so I don't see how they would have come out to catch in the machinery. Get my e-mail address from Lorna, and send me an e-mail when you hear something :) x

  4. thats a good idea michelle, it has to be somewhere.....unless of course it was stolen!

  5. Hi Lucy

    The pins were only a suggestion what might have happened. Will go to the sorting off on my way to work tomorrow as its about 20 miles from here and ask.

    Michelle x

  6. Big Hugs ((((Lucy))))

    It looks like it was posted by recorded delivery and that means you can claim up to 10 x the stamp value. Usually meaning you can claim about £30. You don't get the postage refunded though which I don't understand.

    Special delivery would have insured it for £100s which you specify on the label but would have cost prob about £4.50 more.

    It looks a beautiful exchange Lucy. And it certainly was special

  7. What a shame for that to happen to a lovely exchange piece!!

  8. What a lovely piece Lucy! Such a shame! Hope they refuund you asap! I would be fuming too! Have lost my faith in the postal service i think now. Although i'm not sure it will put me off.


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