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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mail Art Exchange

is no one wanting to join me on this one, i can change it if your don't want to do this one at the minute!


  1. Hi Lorna
    Although I think the idea is lovely - I think I would be afraid of sending it through the post - our postal service here isn't the best as you know. Also as its fairly new to a lot of people, maybe it might be worth pushing it back a few months so people (like me!) can practice doing them. Love Michelle x

  2. I have never done one before and am already doing my first this month on another exchange. I also have as RR to do this month, and I don't think I could take this on as well and get everything done. I'd feel as if I would be letting someone down. I am really sorry

  3. Lorna,
    I have a lot on at work this month so I was planning to skip this months exchange rather than let anyone down.

  4. so do you want something smaller like a scissor keep?

  5. I don't really fancy this one I'm afraid

  6. Something small would be good Lorna.... thanks x

  7. That is a shame I was planning mine!

  8. you can still do it and exchange with me rachael.


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