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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Dear - Does anyone recognise this?

Hi All

Had to sign for a parcel this morning- postman apologised as its got damaged in transit. The only thing inside was half a card - does anyone recognise the writing. This is the only exchange I was waiting on so it has to be from here. I have kept the packaging if anyone wants to make a claim. So sorry.

Love Michelle x


  1. OMG! that isn't just damged in transit! that's torn open and taken! So sorry to hear! It's disgraceful really! Why would anyone do such a thing?

  2. oh just stopping by to say how awful and hugs to the sender and to Michelle. You must both be gutted

  3. It was mine.
    And I AM gutted, I'm sat here in tears.

    I hand dyed the fabric for the backing and everything. I put so much work in to it.

  4. oh lucy and michelle, i am so sorry this has happened, if they found the envelope and the card where is the item itself?
    it makes me so mad, i hope you give them what for when you ring up!

  5. Oh Lucy I am so sorry - I didn't know who to let know that this had happened as your name wasn't on it anywhere. I have replied to your post. One of the pins was stuck in the envelope and I wondered that maybe when it went through the royal mail machinery that perhaps the pin had caught and ripped the envelope. I will go down to the sorting office tomorrow now I know what was inside and show them your picture in case its lying around there somewhere. Much love Michelle x

  6. My name was on the postcard. Ironically, the bit of the postcard you don't have :( x


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