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Saturday, April 4, 2009

**MAIL ART EXCHANGE**--sign up

ok so you have seen the mail art envelopes that is what we are doing this time, i always wondered if they would get to their destination in one piece if at all but i have posted two and received one in perfect conditon.

so you need to stitch your design in any theme you wish, stitch the address on the front, back it with fabric and turn it into an envelope, pop a card inside for your partner and post it! simple!

if anyone would like instructions in a bit more detail email me and i will try to help .

you have until the 20th april to sign up and then you must have stitched and posted your piece to arrive by the end of may, you can start stitching straight away and i will send out partner details on the 21st april for you to add to your envelopes.

happy stitching guys


  1. For some of us who may not be familiar with this type of exchange could you provide a photo of a sample one?

    I am not sure if I want to do this, but would want more info first.

  2. Hi kyla, if you scroll down a page or two there is a pic of one i made and sent to michelle, it is basicaly a fabric envelope.

  3. Ok I will have a go at this, but it will be my first!!


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