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Saturday, July 11, 2009

**Home Sweet Home** Exchange sign up--OPEN

ok for this exchange it is themed HOME SWEET HOME
so it needs to be something about the home,

home is where the heart is.....
i think there are some about dull women have imaculate homes!......
home is where my stitchings at!.......
a house is a home with love inside........

do you get my drift?
just something about the home, i can be just a nice sentiment or something funny...its upto you

now because we have more people joining us from overseas i have extended the stitching time

you have signup until end of july to sign up, you have until end of august to actualy stitch, you items must go in the post NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF AUGUST

so if you sign up today and start stitching straight away you have 6 weeks of stitching time

so whos in?


I am also taking name for a Halloween /Autum exchange
for this you must tell me which you would like to receive an autumn themed or halloween!

you will have until august 15th to sign up then i will give partners and you will have to have you items in the post for last day of september,
i will give you a partner of the same choice as your own, so if you have asked for autumn you will be stitching autum and if you have asked for halloween you will be stitching halloween!
again that is 6 weeks of stitching time from details given

you can join one of both of these exchanges

just let me know which or both and which you have chosen, halloween or autumn

so the timetable for these reads

signup for HOME exchange until end july
in post by last day of august

sign up for HALLOWEEN/AUTUMN 15th august
in post last day sept

let me know!


  1. Hiya...please sign me up for both exchanges...I prefer Autumnal themed please...xx

  2. Put me down for both please and I prefer Autumn

  3. I am about to go on vacation and won't be back till middle August but sign me up for the AUTUMN exchange. I have not yet received the alphabet exchange.

  4. will do carol, you have already posted to say you have received the alphabet exchange from michelle!

  5. Yep I was about to respond and say "I had a senior moment" about the alphabet exchange. Michelle's piece is sitting on one of the shelves in my front room :) AAAAAAAAAAARGH.

  6. lol carol, don't worry i am having a fair few of those moments meself lol

  7. Hi - please sign me up for both. Lovely themes. I prefer Halloween. Thanks Lorna.
    Love Michelle x

  8. I'll do both, and it's autumn for me please
    Thank you

  9. Hi Lorna, pls put me down for the Autumn exchange. Thanks LISA V.

  10. Hi Lorna, I'd like to join the HOME exchange, please. Thanks, Edit

  11. Put me down for both exchanges. I prefer Halloween, but am happy to do Autumn if it evens out the numbers for you. Thanks, again :) x

  12. Hi Lorna, can you put me down for both exchanges please, I'd like to do Autumn....Sue

  13. I would like to sign up for both exchanges please Lorna! I have just the pieces in mind for both lol.

  14. sorry forgot to state my preference lol Halloween please

  15. I will be moving soon so have to pass up on the next couple of exchange otherwise I would not miss it :(

  16. Hi, please sign me up for Halloween.

  17. Hi Lorna,

    I'd love to do both and a Autumn theme for me please so count me in;

    Chris x


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