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Monday, January 5, 2009

Our first exchange- FRIENDSHIP ornie

Shall we start off with a little "FRIENDSHIP" ornie exchange,

sign up until 31st jan
you will receive your partners details 1st feb
you have until end of feb to make and post your ornie
(to give yourself more time you can start stitching as soon as you sign up)

you can finish your piece however you like, flatfold, pinkeep, hanger to name just a few.
your stitching must be no smaller than about 3"x 3" approx just to give you a guideline on the size, but the ornie finish size is upto you.

if you would like to sign up please leave a comment below

and for everyone please could you email me your email address and snail mail details, if you don't mind i will keep these in my little book so i don't have to keep asking you each time

so who's joining me then?


  1. I'm in.

    One question, do we send goodies as well or do we take it that we don't unless the exchange state's otherwise?

  2. if the exchange states that you do then yes, but if it does'nt then no you don't have to but if you WANT to then thats fine, although just bear in mind that you may not receive any in the package to you!

  3. Yep I'm in too - can't wait. In fact will start on mine tomorrow!

    Love Michelle x

  4. Hi Lorna could you sign me up for this one please, Will email details tomorrow

  5. Go on then. I suppose I'll join in to. Thanks to my Mum, lol. x

  6. oh darn it. I didn't realise this sign up ended on 31st Jan. I would've signed up. Hope you all have fun!


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