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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Next Exchange-- FOOD AND DRINK

i was'nt going to post this until end of january but michelle will be away for most of february so i am posting it now!

the way i am thinking with this one is....
anything to do with food and/or drink in a very broad sense
i know little house needleworks have the designs, "the Chocolate shop" and "strawberry house" lizzie kate do chocolate designs, the chocolate could bring in the easter side of things!
A Bee produces honey which is food
teapots for the Drink side of it

Do you see where i am coming from

sign up until end of feb
posting by end of march

whos in?


  1. I'm absolutely in - thanks Lorna.

    Love Michelle x

  2. I'll have a think about it, and see what designs I can find before I let you know if I'm signing up or not! x

  3. I'm in-is there going to be a specification on size for this one, or can it be anything?

  4. as long as it is no smaller than about 4"x4" stitching area, thats just a guide so someone does'nt end up with something the size of a postage stamp! just trying to make it as fair as possible, hope that makes sense.
    lorna x

  5. I would like to do this and like Michelle I am away for February but will be home beginning March, so count me in.

    I 'll send my details to your addi


  6. Yes please sign me up...even though I have not started the first
    Elisa x

  7. Ooh me please! I have th eperfect idea lol!

  8. maddy can you send my your snail mail and email details please
    lorna x

  9. OK, I'm in. You should have my details already. x

  10. Does it matter what it is made up into? I have a couple of ideas so just wanted to check.

  11. you can finish it however you like.

  12. Hi Lorna, can you put my name down for this one.

    love Sue x


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