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Monday, February 20, 2012

ok for some reason i cant reply to your post maddy so here goes, i am very happy to get this moving again and would be happy to take part in some of the exchanges and organise some too but i do not have the time to do so for all of them, which why i asked for help in the first place...

there is one thing that i would like to say though and i don't want anyone to get upset about it and i will try to say it as nicely as i can ......  if you commit to an exchange PLEASE PLEASE come through with your side of it and on time, there is always a  time between the exchange being posted and the time that sign ups close, if you have any doubts about being able to fulfill your side then this is the time to pull out not after sign ups have closed, and to be fair it only takes 2 people to do an exchange so as long as there is someone to exchange with we dont rely have a need to cancel do we??

just my thoughts at the moment i may come back and add to it lol...........

what does everyone else think ?


  1. Mine doesn't always let me comment either :( very annoying. I would be more than happy to organise some maybe once every two months so there is a break in-between... Anyone have any ideas on themes we could use for new exchanges?

  2. Since it starting to look like spring I would suggest spring/easter exchang. Flower exchange also popped to my head. What do you guys think?


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