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Thursday, June 24, 2010


ok, i am just about to sort out partners, watch your emails tomorrow.

ok here we go lets get this moving again with something small

A Floss bobbin
you can either use an eyelet for it or if thats not possible a small loop of ribbon will do a great job
any theme

sign up till 5th july
then i will get partners out before i go away on my holidays
posting date 5th August

remember you must be prepared to make an item of good quality and have it posted by 5th August,
if the item should go missing you must be prepared to replace it.
if posting within the uk please post recorded.
please post on here when you have posted and when you have received

so who wants to play?

lorna x


  1. Well my FIRST exchange in the group! Of course I'll do this one! Thanks!

  2. Carol its like a little tag with a hole in it(or small loop of ribbon)to attach to a ring which you keep your current works colours on, i will see if i can find a pic of one for you...

  3. Thanks Lorna. I found some photographs. I think I'll sit this one out.

  4. hi all
    almost missed this one
    please add me to the list
    Lorna do you mean floss tag (same thing?)

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