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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tutorial help

I'm thinking of signing up for LHN exchange (yes I know there's not much time left) but before I do I've been trying to find a tutorial on making a tall pillow. I can find them for a normal square pillow but none for a tall one so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of one that's not on wordpress as my puter won't load anything there.



  1. i don't know of any tutorials but if you follow the square one, all i do it miss out the side fabrics or the top and bottom fabrics, if you look back to the hallowen exchange or on my blog at halloween you will see two that i did, trim your design cut two strips of your contrast fabric to go either top/bottom or on the sides then just add your backing fabric, i can write and email you more detailed instructions of you like to help you!

  2. Thanks Lorna more detailed instructions would be great, I'm not that confident with my machine which is way I was looking for a tutorial

  3. i will be making one up over the weekend so will take pics step by step and then do some instructions to go along with it for you....and anyone else that would like them.

  4. Lorna is so good with her instructions.
    Michelle x


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