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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lookie what the postie brought me!


This came while I was away on my travels, so I opened it when I got back yesterday. I love it! Thank You Lorna!

It's a flat fold, and is now stood on top of my printer/scanner next to the PC :)

Thanks again, Lorna, I love it!! x


  1. I was there when it was opened and all I can say is that it almost came home with me :)

  2. glad you like it lucy, is it ok for me to pinch the photo for my blog i forgot to take a pic before i sent it lol

  3. wow i love that one lorna i also love herbal teas
    love the way of diifernt ideas for this excjange heres to more

  4. What a lovely flat fold.. beautifully stitched.

    Chris x

  5. Lorna, feel free to pinch the picture, I don't mind :) x

  6. what a lovely design! lucky you!


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